Borax Rotterdam invests in energy efficient LED lighting

The establishment of Borax in the Botlek area in Rotterdam has been provided with energy efficient Saled LED lighting in June. Thanks to the investment, the global leader in industrial minerals will save more than 65% on the energy consumption. In addition, CO2 and sulfur emissions are greatly reduced, saving the environment significantly.

Car damage recovery company Schadex Maarssen entirely fitted with durable LED lighting

The branch of car damage recovery company Schadex in Maarssen is entirely fitted with energy efficient lighting. In mid-June, the last conventional lamp in the building has been replaced by LED. Thanks to the investment in durable Saled LED lighting, Schadex will save more than 65% on energy consumption, whilst the light output in the […]

Production halls of Rinos Genemuiden provided with Saled LED lighting

Rinos, a specialized manufacturer of secondary entrance mats from Genemuiden, has made the switch to durable LED lighting. In early June, a Saled installation team worked hard to convert multiple production halls to LED. Brand new flat LED High Bays now show off at the high ceilings. This saves Rinos more than 65% on energy […]

Tennis hall durable illuminated by LED line lighting with low glare value

The tennis players in the indoor tennis hall of P.L.T.C. de Vale Ouwe are no longer blinded by the lights. In early April, all conventional lamps are replaced by durable LED line lighting with a very low glare value. The excellent light output and uniformity of the new LED lighting contribute to ideal tennis circumstances […]