New and revolutionary LED fixtures thanks to partnership with INDO

Southampton, 2019. Saled has formed an exclusive partnership with INDO Lighting Ltd. The company, which is based in the United Kingdom, is a renowned and experienced manufacturer of public lighting and retrofit light sources. Saled has been a prominent face in the world of public lighting for years. Due to this new collaboration, the revolutionary INDO AIR 1, AIR 2, AIR 3, Chancery, Radius and RD12 LED fixtures with Direct Drive technology are added to the Saled arsenal.

Direct Drive® technology
The INDO Direct Drive® technology is a groundbreaking and innovative LED lighting technology designed to improve the lifespan and trustworthiness of already existing fixtures by removing all the components that easily wear and tear. The new technology, which recently won the renowned Queen’s Award for innovation, eliminates all the need for a LED driver.

No need for a LED driver
A LED driver is a large component of most fixtures that warms up to temperatures that are more than 30° to 40° degrees celsius higher than the ambient temperature. Removing the LED driver opens up the possibility to have more strict thermal design principles. Furthermore, as said, removing the LED driver improves the lifespan and reliability of the fixture. The absence of a LED driver leads to a more robust, lighter and streamlined fixture while it also opens up room for extra integrations.

The new INDO LED fixtures have many benefits. By placing the remaining heat-producing elements in strategic places in the fixture, the heath of these elements can be stabilised and monitored in an extremely secure manner. Because of this, the thermal management can direct its focus solely on transferring the heath from the LED lighting. The end result is a system with a lot less stress, which greatly benefits the lifespan and reliability and therefore cuts down costs.

Besides this, the INDO fixtures also have an extremely low inrush current, which means that security demands are more easily met and the lighting can be dimmed to only 10%. Above all, this has no effect on the power factor at all. Thanks to aforementioned benefits, fixtures with Direct Drive® technology are especially suited for environments with high temperatures.

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