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Specialist in one-for-one replacement

Besides selling new LED fixtures, we are specialised in replacing the conventional lightsources in present fixtures, which is a technique called retrofitting. Our certified LED retrofit allow you to start saving energy.

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Team Saled

Stef de Graaf

Sales Director
Saled Stef de Graaf

Hille de Jong

Company director

Jeroen van

Sales Manager OVL
and agricultural sector

Jeroen van

Account manager

Rik Egberts

Account manager OVL
and agricultural sector
Saled Rik Egbert

Patrick de

Project manager
Saled Patrick de Graaf

Dik Poel

Project manager
Saled Dik Poel


Saled Machelle Bosman

Ingrid van

Commercial employee
and office staff
Saled Ingrid van Diermen

Manon van

Account manager
Saled Manon van Wincoop

Suzanne de

Marketing &
Saled Suzanne de Jong

Jan Heek

Saled Jan Heek

The Benefits of
Saled Lighting:

The Benefits of
Saled Lighting:

Choose experience, choose quality

For many years now, Saled has been delivering high-quality LED lighting. We have supplied over 500 organisations with LED lighting. Due to this experience, our installers, account managers and advisors are perfectly suited to help you in the best way possible.  LED lighting from Saled has high quality. Furthermore, Saled has multiple quality labels. This means that you will always receive a 3 year minimum guarantee.

Curious about the companies that have already switched to LED lighting? Check out the news page to learn more about our recent projects. 

Switch to the LED solutions from Saled and contribute
to a better environment

LED lighting has many advantages. One of them is the contribution to a better environment. Many consumers find it important that the companies they do business with make a positive contribution to the environment. As a company, you can tell your customers about your sustainable and socially responsible efforts.

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