Why LED lighting has a positive effect on people

led positive effect

What is wrong with conventional lighting and how is it possible that LED lighting does have a positive effect? We explain this in detail in this LED lighting research.

Why light is good for us

Light has a positive effect on people. It stimulates our brains, improves accuracy, and can even speed up recovery from illness. And we are happier with (sun) light. Yet the power of light is regularly underestimated. We often don’t realize that we spend a large part of our day in gloomy rooms and also work with screens that emit blue light. Then we go home and we often have to deal with blue light from TVs or smartphones again.

During the day we work in less good light and at night we find ourselves in bright light from devices. This disrupts the biological clock and is not beneficial for our sleep.

Research shows

Lighting Research Center conducted an LED lighting study. They took five office buildings in the US and asked the participants to wear measuring instruments in both summer and winter. This measured their exposure to light and also looked at sleep times, wake times, and mood. The people exposed to bright light between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. experienced fewer sleep disturbances and lower levels of depression. In addition, bright light is better for concentration.

But conventional lamps, in addition to less bright light, often also have a flicker. You will not immediately see this, but it does have a negative effect. This often results in eyestrain and headaches. To find out if your lighting is also flickering, you can point your phone’s camera at the lighting. Then the vibration is visible. This will not be visible with LED.

Bright light not only affects health and concentration but will also reduce the number of accidents in the workplace. Glare and shadow in the room are reduced so that you have a better view. Stumbling and falling will therefore almost no longer occur. This is often one-third of the serious accidents in the workplace.

Conventional lamps contain harmful elements

Much of conventional lighting contains mercury. This is a harmful substance for people, animals, and the ecosystem. This substance is only released when the lamp breaks, not when it is lit. A safe mercury intake is only a few micrograms, but when a lamp breaks, 3000-5000 micrograms are quickly released. Certain conventional lamps also give off UV-B and UV-C radiation, which is very harmful to the skin

LED lighting has a positive effect

To get close to bright light and its positive effects, LED lighting is the best solution. In terms of values, LED comes closest to natural sunlight. With LED lamps you can therefore best imitate bright light in a working environment. The light output can be measured by the number of Lumens or the S/P ratio. The more light that comes out of a lamp, the higher the number of Lumens. The S/P ratio deals with human vision. You need more light in a workplace than in a living room. So let us advise you which lighting best suits your situation.

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