Municipality of Landerd installs 700 sustainable LED lamps

Saled B.V. installed nearly 700 Retrofit LED lamps at the Municipality of Landerd. By installing this LED lighting via the Retrofit method, the existing luminaires can be retained and still be preserved. In addition, the municipality is making substantial savings on energy bills and there will be a significant decrease in waste emissions.

Decreases in consumption and savings on expenses
The installation of these new LED lamps saves Landerd 54,843 kilowatt hours yearly, a decrease of 53%. In addition, the installation of LED lighting reduces waste emissions, such as sulfur and CO2. The CO2 emissions will decrease with 31,041 kg and the decrease in sulfur emissions will be 23,308 grams. The energy savings and the decrease in consumption and emissions contribute to a more sustainable municipality. These savings in public space ensure that the investment will be earned back within five years.

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