Municipality of Landerd chooses INDO street lighting from Saled

The municipality of Landerd has taken further steps in creating a sustainable environment for its inhabitants. For the past few years, the municipality has been trying to make adjustments to ensure sustainability and to save money. In order to do so, they contacted Saled B.V. once again. This time, Saled supplied Landerd with INDO LED lighting.

At the “Public Space” trade fair in october of 2019, Saled demonstrated the new INDO LED lighting to representatives of the municipality of Landerd. This was received positively and the two parties entered into a new partnership soon after. This time the new INDO Led Geartray Arc 4000lm and the INDO Led Geartray Arc 6000lm were chosen. These panel solutions, of which 70 units were installed, provide the municipality with energy savings of more than 50%.

The municipality of Landerd saves even more thanks to the dimming regime
In December, the new lighting was installed in various parts of the municipality of Landerd. This lighting has a dimming regime, which means that the lighting is dimmed to 70% at 22:00, to 50% at 00:00 and that it automatically returns to 100% at 06:00. This leads to even more savings for Landerd.

The advantages of the new “Direct Drive” technology
INDO lighting uses the “Direct Drive” technology. This means that the lighting no longer needs a driver. The driver always gets extremely warm: about 30 ° – 40 ° warmer than the outside temperature. This makes this part wear faster. Because the INDO lighting does not contain a driver, it has a much longer lifespan. This can amount to up to 250,000 burning hours. Because the wear components have been removed, the lighting is also almost completely maintenance-free. In addition, the INDO LED solutions are quick and easy to install. 

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