LED solution for the PL lamp

Saled provides an affordable LED alternative that gives you the opportunity to continue using your existing fixtures.

Our PS-L lamps

Our LED lighting provides energy savings of more than 50%. LED lighting is a very sustainable choice; more than 50% of CO2 will reduce because of the switch from conventional lighting to LED lighting. Retrofitting is an affordable way to make sustainable steps as a municipality.  

The production of the conventional PL lamp will end by the 24th of February 2023. There is no need to purchase new fixtures immediately. Saled has an affordable LED lighting alternative.


LED replacement for the conventional PL-L.
This economical lightsource has a 110 lumen/watt ratio and achieves the same light perception and equality.
Available in 9w, 13w, 18w and 26w in 360°.

Switch to the LED solutions from Saled and contribute
to a better environment

Your present fixtures do not have to be replaced by new expensive LED fixtures. Saled has a much better solution: only replace the traditional light source for a LED light source, and keep your fixture as it is. 

Saled developed comparable LED lamps for the traditional PL-L, SON(-T), SOX(-E), PL-T and PL-C. Because the LED lightsource has an internal driver, only the phase- and neutral wire have to be connected with the lamp base. Aside from saving energy costs, replacement costs will thus also be greatly reduced. This results in an average payback time of 3 years. Over 170 municipalities are working with Saled LED retrofit light sources for public lighting.


Do you want to save substantially on your
energy or become a reseller for the PS-L?

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