Saled provides Business Center Plesman with new LED lighting.

Brivec B.V. has once again chosen to invest in new LED lighting by Saled for one of its office buildings. Business Center Plesman, the 1400 square feet office in Leusden, is now exclusively using sustainable sources of light. Major names such as Achmea, Afas, Adidas and Puma are amongst the companies that are located in the building.

Over the years, Saled has provided multiple Brivec B.V. office buildings with LED lighting. Due to positive responses to Saled lighting in the Brivec B.V. office buildings in Harderwijk, Groningen and Oosterwolde, Saled was chosen for this project as well.

Investing in sustainability
278 lamps in Business Center Plesman have been converted to LED using the retrofit method. This method entails the conversion of non-LED fixtures to fixtures that are suitable for LED lighting. Logically, this method is more sustainable and less expensive when compared to replacing the entire fixture and lamp.

Major cut down of expenses

By replacing the old light sources with new LED downlighters, LED recessed spotlights, LED panels and LED tubes, Brivec B.V. can drastically cut down expenses. Furthermore, energy savings will be more than 38 thousand kWh annually while co2 and sulfur emissions will be cut down with 21.767 kg and 16.344 gr respectively. Due to these savings, the investment in LED lighting will be earned back in less than three years. Jan van Brakel, facility manager at Brivec B.V., is extremely satisfied with the results.


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