Flower shop Rogeab now presents their flowers in the light of Saled LED lighting

led flower shop

Lighting in a store can make all the difference for the customer in the purchasing process. This was also the reason for Flowershop Rogeab to turn to Saled for new lighting. The flowers are again presented to the customer in excellent light. The flower shop in Bunschoten also benefits from the other advantages that LED shop lighting entails.

Just like Saled, the flower shop Rogeab is located in Bunschoten. Positive stories from the village brought Rogeab to Saled. The conventional spots gave little and yellow light, which negatively influenced the presentation to the customer. In addition, conventional spots consume a lot of energy. The flower house is now equipped with sustainable LED spots. As a result, Rogeab now presents its flowers and plants to its customers in good light.

Save energy and contribute to a better environment with LED shop lighting

In addition to the customer experience in the store, flower shop Rogeab experiences even more benefits. Conventional lighting in the store consumed a lot of energy, but that is a thing of the past with LED lighting. Every year, the flower shop will save 67% on its energy bill. In addition, the store contributes to a better environment by reducing CO2 and sulfur emissions by more than 4000 kilograms and 3000 grams. Rogeab will fully pay for this investment within 3 years.

Shop lighting provides a better customer experience

As we mentioned before, lighting can make all the difference in the customer’s purchasing process. With the right lighting, you determine the atmosphere in a room. In addition, it is possible to highlight certain products with LED spots, as Bloemenhuis Rogeab now does with their fresh flowers. This makes them more noticeable to the customer. In addition, LED lighting is better for employees who are in the store. LED contributes to the ability to concentrate. This way, the staff is less fatigued.

Also LED lighting for your shop?

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