71% savings on the energy bill for car dealer Nefkens Bunnik thanks to LED from Saled

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Last November, Saled was able to replace the current lamps at Nefkens Bunnik with sustainable LED lighting. This allows the car dealer to save a lot on energy bills. Saled has already provided several Nefkens locations with LED lighting and because of the trust and the previous successful collaborations, location Nefkens Bunnik followed.

Five different areas were provided with new lighting. In the showroom on the ground floor, the current fixtures were replaced by LED panels; the solution for a new ceiling. And LED Retrofit was used in the workshop and showroom on the first floor; a new light source is placed in the current fixture. Retrofit prevents capital destruction.

Because Nefkens Bunnik is a member of the BOVAG, they received a 25% discount on the purchase of LED lighting from Saled.

Huge energy savings through LED

With CO2 emissions of 23,623 kilograms per year, the car company compensates no less than 1,181 trees! Sulfur emissions are reduced by 17,738 grams per year. As a result, Nefkens Bunnik earns back the investment in LED within 2.5 years.

Good lighting is necessary

Nefkens Bunnik cars must be presented to the customer in the right light. The showroom is the space where the purchase decision is made. Good lighting is also very important in the workshop so that the mechanics have a better view while carrying out work on the cars.

There was also improvement in the office. The old recessed fixtures made way for LED Panel Lights and the downlights in the canteen were also replaced by LED lighting.

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