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Saled is pleased to be your supplier of high quality professional LED lighting and your partner in sustainability. Our products are 99.9% recyclable, produce over 50% less CO2 and save – at least – 50% energy. Our products carry all the important certifications and marks of quality.

In addition to selling and installing new LED fixtures, we are specialised in replacing the conventional lightsources in present fixture. This is a technique called retrofit. Our certified retrofit lightsources make it possible to switch to LED lighting without replacing fixtures that are still in good shape.

Our retrofit lamps are protected by European design right. Besides this, a patent application has been filed for these light sources. With this, we can better ensure the quality of our products and make sure than when you buy LED, you buy the best.

About Saled

Saled has exclusive distribution and production agreements with multiple Chinese producers of LED lighting. Because of this, on-time shipment as well as consistent quality of the products are guaranteed. Furthermore, this also means that production can be spread over multiple factories if ever needed, and specific product development projects can also be allocated to companies that are experts in their field of knowledge

All partners are selected based on quality, sustainability, financial control and management. We also expect our partners to be Child Labour Free and No Discrimination certified, amongst other certifications we deem extremely important. In short: our partners need to be respectable employers with matching labour circumstances.

After years of preparation and product development, Saled the Netherlands B.V. was established in 2011. Within a year, the company attracted several investors, which boosted the professionalisation of the company.

Saled is one of the few suppliers that can attest to having long-term import experience from countries such as China. Furthermore, Saled is also experienced in managing product development and quality control, as well as actively participating in the modification of products for the European market and making sure their distributors and producers have the right certifications and quality marks. Saled operates with three different business units: Saled the Netherlands, Saled Europe and Saled holding. Saled the Netherlands is aimed at the Dutch market and is also responsible for the import and export of products for Saled Europe, which in turn focuses on the rest of Europe. Both units are managed by Saled Holding.

Saled does not simply import from China, but instead is an active partner for its Chinese producers when it comes to product development, adjustments and making sure their products get certified for the European market. This active role, combined with our experience, Saled is capable of delivering new or customized products that cater to our customers needs on short notice. A “double sided” tube was developed for a large advertising agency, for example, which included specific demands on colour, light intensity and length.

Saled had two offices in China, one near Shangai and one in Shenzen. In these Saled office all production is coordinated and all quality inspections/reviews are planned. Quality audits are planned pre-production, during production and during packaging and shipping.

As of now Saled has a board with three members, a technical staff and a sales and marketing department. To guarantee optimal service and delivery, Saled exclusively works with dedicated partners and suppliers of high quality products. This is applicable to accounting and administration, as well as to local transport, our Chinese agents and transportation from China. Quality control and reliable delivery, shipping, and urgent deliveries are managed by the Saled offices in China.

The Benefits of
Saled Lighting:

The Benefits of
Saled Lighting:

Choose experience, choose quality

For many years now, Saled has been delivering high-quality LED lighting. We have supplied over 500 organisations with LED lighting. Due to this experience, our installers, account managers and advisors are perfectly suited to help you in the best way possible. The LED product by Saled are of high quality. Furthermore, Saled has multiple quality labels. This means that you will always receive a 3 year minimum guarantee.

Curious about the companies that have already switched to LED lighting? Check out the news page to learn more about our recent projects.

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