Over 50% of municipality Heerlen is already lit by sustainable Saled LED lights

Saled contributes to making the Municipality of Heerlen more sustainable. At the beginning of this year, the municipality fitted a large part of the public lighting with new LED lighting. This is the third time that Heerlen has worked with Saled. At the moment, more than 50% of the municipality is lit with LED lighting. In addition, extra saving techniques have been applied to achieve even more savings on the energy bill.

Last time, the municipality opted for the PS-L lamp, as a replacement for the conventional PL-L lamps. This time, 527 INDO LED plate solutions were supplied for the Iridium luminaires, a type of luminaire that is widely used for city and street lighting. In addition, the municipality also benefits from the dimming program. This means that the lighting is dimmed to 70% at 22:00, to 50% at 00:00 and automatically returns to 100% at 06:00. This provides additional savings.

INDO Direct Drive technology
The INDO LED plate solutions contain the Direct Drive technology. This means that the LED driver, the largest wear-sensitive component, has been removed. This has significantly improved the reliability and life span of the lighting. As a result, maintenance of the lighting is no longer necessary and the lighting lasts up to 230,000 hours. This results in annual savings of up to 60% on the energy bill.

INDO LED Retrofit solution
Retrofit lighting is used when the luminaires are still in good condition. With this technique, only the interior is replaced and the rest of the fixture is retained. More than 70 luminaires are already suitable for the INDO LED panel solutions, so there is a good chance that there is a fit between the lighting and the current luminaire. In addition, the plate solution is easy to mount in various luminaires. This is often faster than installing a completely new fixture


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