Saled fits third location of Stam car repair company with LED lighting

At the beginning of October, the Schadex car repair company in Amersfoort is entirely fitted with energy-efficient Saled LED lighting. Due to the investment, Schadex Amersfoort will save 67% on energy consumption. Earlier this year, the premises of Stam car repair in Maarssen and Soest were also fitted with durable LED lighting.

Saled delivers more than 2.000 light sources to Ziut for municipality Oldambt

At the end of August, Saled has delivered more than 2.000 LED light sources to the Oldambt municipality. The installation of the lamps is carried out by partner Ziut, who has already placed around 2.600 Saled PS-L lamps in Oldambt earlier this year. The installation is expected to be finished mid-October, bringing the total amount […]