KPOA chooses sustainable LED lighting from Saled for its schools

led lighting schools

Already 11 schools of the KPOA Foundation were equipped with sustainable LED lighting during the spring break. The last two schools will be converted outside school hours in the coming months. In this way, the schools of KPOA are completely ready for the new school season.

The Stichting voor Katholiek Primair Onderwijs Amersfoort (KPOA) works from the motto “We believe in you” and actually believes in the developmental power of children. It is generally known that LED lighting is better for a child’s concentration during lessons at school. KPOA, therefore, wanted to make 13 locations more sustainable and opted for LED lighting for schools from Saled.

Savings per year

KPOA will save a total of 257,812 kWh. This equals an energy saving of 62%. Ter KPOA will save a total of 257,812 kWh. By way of comparison: an average family saves 74 kWh per year. 145,736 kg of Co² and 109,441 grams of sulfur will also be reduced. The investment in LED will pay for itself in 4.4 years on average per school.

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led lighting schools

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