Energy label C mandatory for offices

energy label c

From 2023, office buildings will be required to meet the requirements of energy label C. A switch to LED lighting will help with this. LED lighting is better for the environment and the atmosphere and quality are not inferior to it. Take steps towards savings within your company. In this article, you can read the benefits of investing in LED.

Cheap is not always the best buy when it comes to LED bulbs. LED is a good investment and a sustainable choice. If you buy cheap LED lamps and they break down within two years, you have to start investing again. Therefore, read carefully before you switch to LED and get advice.

Obligation for offices

It has probably not escaped your notice that offices are obliged to comply with energy label C from 2023. This means that companies may have an annual energy consumption of a maximum of 225 kWh per m2. By providing the office building with LED lighting from Saled, at least 50% energy will be saved. The CO2 emissions are also reduced by more than 50% and the payback time of the investment is within 5 years.

A frequently chosen solution for offices is our LED Panel Lights: a beautiful solution for the ceiling. They also give a fresh look to the room.

How can you save with LED?

LED lamps are the most energy-efficient form of lighting. An LED lamp uses 65% less energy than conventional lighting. LED lighting also lasts much longer: the maximum lifespan is 50,000 burning hours, of which 90% light output is left after these burning hours.

The advantages of LED at a glance

  • The advantages of LED at a glance
  • The most sustainable choice
  • A good investment
  • More burning hours than conventional lamps
  • Less CO2 and sulfur emissions
  • Much longer lifespan than conventional lighting
  • Lower energy bill = save more money
  • Payback time within 5 years

Would you also like to benefit from the advantages of LED?

Contact us and let us advise you about the possibilities. Saled is not only a LED supplier, we think along with you and work out a lighting plan for you.

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