New LED shop lighting for Zandbergen Shoes De Bilt

led shop lighting

The cozy shoe store Zandbergen Shoes in De Bilt is equipped with LED shop lighting from Saled. The price per kilowatt hour is now so high that now is the time to switch to LED. This also applies to this choice for Zandbergen Shoes.

Recently, energy prices have risen enormously. Currently, the costs per kWh are very high. If you have conventional lighting, this can be a significant amount on your energy bill. With LED you will consume considerably less kWh. Due to the current high energy prices, your financial savings double.

Save with LED retail lighting

Switching to LED shop lighting provides great savings on energy bills. At Zandbergen Shoes, we were allowed to equip the store with silver LED rail spots: a beautiful fixture that can perfectly illuminate products. Our rail spots are also available in black and white.

Zandbergen Shoes goes from conventional 70-watt spots to our 30-watt LED track spots. A smart choice that saves up to 60% energy and saves 6412 kWh per year! In addition, the switch is also very sustainable, 3629 kg less CO2 is emitted and 2725 g of sulfur is reduced.

led shop lighting

Alice Zandbergen, the owner of Zandbergen Shoes, will earn back the investment in LED within 4 years. Her reaction to the new lighting: “I am super satisfied, what a beautiful light! Our old lighting was a bit yellow, you can clearly see a difference now that we have LED everywhere in the store. The products come out so much better now. And in addition, it is very nice to be sustainable. You can’t really escape it: energy prices are so high, it’s best to switch to LED right now.”

Alice already had silver rails in the shop, so she only had to buy the spots. Saled was looking for a suitable LED solution for this shoe store and came across silver rail spots. These match the look completely with the store.

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And save on your energy bill? Choose our sustainable LED solutions for retail. Take a look around our website or contact us for advice.

led shop lighting

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