Nursing home Accolade Zorg location De Wijngaard cozy lit with LED

led nursing home

The corridor on the ground floor and first floor of Accolade Zorg location d’Amandelboom is now sustainably lit with LED panels from Saled. For the music room at De Wijngaard location, a request was submitted for a luminaire that provides a cozy atmosphere and with the option of changing the color temperature.

At Saled we have a lot of experience with work processes in healthcare institutions. After the introduction and recording of the buildings, it was discussed with the customer how we could best run the work processes. Because the work took place in the middle of the corona time, the safety of the residents was number one.

The return of investment time for location d’Amandelboom is only 2,4 years due to the economical LED panels that are now hanging in the complex. At Accolade Zorg location De Wijngaard, the music room was equipped with eight large LED ceiling lamps with a dip switch. This allows residents to adjust the color temperature of the light themselves with remote control. The warm light creates a cozy atmosphere in the room between the drums, guitars, and pianos.

led nursing home

Annual savings from Accolade Zorg location d’Amandelboom

The switch to LED lighting has resulted in significant savings for the care group.

  • 48% energy savings
  • 2,4 years return of investment period
  • 19995 kg CO₂
  • 15014 gr sulfur

LED lighting for your healthcare facility

Good light contributes to a better experience in a care institution. The nursing staff can provide better care in optimal working conditions and good lighting is one of them. Light is also important for patients and residents. Their well-being partly depends on a well-lit room. That is why LED lighting for healthcare is a godsend! Are you also interested in sustainable lighting? Please contact one of our experienced account managers. We are happy to help you.

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