Sustainable school Diamant College in Groningen fully equipped with LED

Sustainable school

During the summer holidays in Groningen, our team of mechanics worked hard. The entire school building of Diamant College was equipped with LED lighting and this transition has made it a sustainable school. These activities are in line with the major steps that RENN4, the organization for specialized education that includes the Diamant College, is making to make the school buildings more sustainable. Working in a room with LED lighting also improves concentration, which is a nice introduction for students and teachers at the start of the new school year.

In four days, the school was equipped with 1391 LED fixtures, including our Tubes, Downlights and Panel Lights. The Helvar system has been applied in every classroom; Helvar routers were installed, which form the basis of the intelligent Dali light management system. All Dali components, such as dimmers and sensors, are connected to the Helvar routers. This means that the new lighting can be dimmed back and only lights up when movement is detected. This ensures even more savings.

Hans Buist, Housing & Facilities Advisor at RENN4 says:

”Of course, cost savings always make me happy, but sustainability and especially the positive influence on the indoor climate and the well-being of our students and employees is a huge gain!”

Sustainable school

Sustainable school

The Diamant College has become a sustainable school due to the switch to LED lighting. It saves 67% energy and 56771 kWh per year. 32132 kg CO₂ and 24128 gr sulfur are reduced. There is also a compensation of 1,607 trees through this sustainable choice (1 tree = 20 kg CO₂). Compared to traditional lighting, the Diamant College will save more than €14,000.00 per year. This can, for example, be invested in other elements within sustainability.

The process to LED school lighting

Is your school also interested in becoming a sustainable school? Start with LED lighting. We know: that a switch to new lighting is not something you make lightly. That’s why we help you at every stage of the process. Curious how that works? Please contact us.

Sustainable school

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