Brand new LED boarding for football club IJsselmeervogels

led boarding

Last week we worked hard on the hot football field. Football Club IJsselmeervogels (V.V.IJ.V.) was equipped with new LED boarding from Saled.

On Thursday 11 August and Friday 12 August, our mechanics and volunteers from the football club came together to install the new LED boarding. The boarding is placed completely around the field, which provides great advertising opportunities for sponsors.

Saled and IJsselmeervogels have been working together for 10 years. The club is always very satisfied with our products and therefore opted for our LED boarding again when it needed to be replaced. The new boarding is extra sharp and has a better management system.

LED lighting for sports clubs

More and more clubs are using our LED boarding and LED scoreboards and quickly earn back the investment through increased sponsorship income. Our lighting for sports clubs not only saves more than 65% in energy costs, but also has a long lifespan. Are you also interested? Please feel free to contact us.

led boarding

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