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Our retrofit solutions for public spaces are ideal for municipalities that are looking for a sustainable, affordable choice that also yields significant savings. Over the years we have been able to add many municipalities to our regular customers. In this article, we explain the municipality of Nijkerk, Huizen, and Oss.

Every municipality is obliged to become more sustainable. Saled is happy to help you with this. We make an analysis to see if we can retrofit the current lighting. Our retrofit lamps were ordered in large numbers from the municipality of Nijkerk, Huizen, and Oss. They all now benefit from energy savings of at least 50%. Because the municipalities did not have to purchase new luminaires, they also save on investment costs. The municipality of Nijkerk, Huizen, and Oss contributes to a circular economy through retrofit.

Municipality of Nijkerk

In 2013, the municipality of Nijkerk started taking major steps towards a sustainable living environment. The current conventional street lighting was replaced by LED PS-L, LS-S, and PS-T lamps. A total of 6,500 conventional lamps were converted to Nijkerk using the retrofit technique. Since then, the preference has always been for Saled, and the municipality orders new retrofit solutions every year.

Municipality of Huizen

The municipality of Huizen also opted for our sustainable LED light sources. As many as 8600 retrofit lamps were ordered in one go. This now provides an energy saving of 60%. With Saled’s retrofit solutions, the existing fixtures are reused; a sustainable choice that reduces CO2 emissions.

Municipality of Oss

Municipality of Oss now has much less maintenance costs due to the switch to LED retrofit from Saled. Oss already started making its municipality more sustainable in 2013 with LED street lighting. There are now more than 180 municipalities that have chosen Saled as a partner and supplier for LED lighting. Martijn Duijts, Public Space Manager of the Municipality of Oss is very satisfied and says: “The uniformity and spread of the lighting is really bizarre. We are very happy with this personalized light source”.

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You have probably heard it already: the production of the conventional PL lamp will stop from February 24, 2023. We would like to get in touch with you for suitable retrofit advice.

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