Positive test results for Saled lamps in the municipality of Heerlen

In the municipality of Heerlen, several tests with public LED lighting from Saled were completed successfully. Installer Ziut will therefore start the installation process of more than 3000 LED lamps soon. The municipality will save on energy and maintenance costs by installing the LED lighting.

LED sports field lighting now available thanks to partnership with LPS

At the beginning of June, Saled entered into an exclusive partnership with Lighting Pole Services B.V. (LPS) for the supply of LED sports field lighting. The company in Waalwijk specialises in supplying and assembling lighting poles. Saled has been a familiar face in the sports world for many years due to the supply and installation […]

More Saled LED lighting for Hyundai Wittenberg and Honda de Bois

Recently, Saled was again given the opportunity to equip Hyundai dealer Wittenberg and Honda de Bois with LED lighting. In August 2017, the official Hyundai dealer had their site in Amersfoort fitted with Saled LED lighting. This has led to a reduction in energy consumption, a reduction in CO2 emissions and a better light output. […]

Saled wins tender 9 VCO-schools in Harderwijk and Hierden

Saled is chosen to provide LED lighting to no less than 9 primary schools affiliated with the Harderwijk-Hierden Christian Education Foundation. Saled was able to convince the organisation – to which 11 primary schools, 270 teachers and some 2,800 pupils belong – by distinguishing itself in terms of price and quality.

Saled starts with construction of new head office

At the Haarbrug-Zuid industrial site in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, the construction of a new head office for Saled Nederland b.v. has started. In addition to the head office, the warehouse will also relocate to the new location. The new building has an area of 1700 m2, will be completely energy-neutral and is expected to be completed in […]

Saled replaces remaining conventional lighting at Rinos

Mid-February, Saled replaced the remaining conventional lamps in the production halls, storage areas and office spaces of Rinos Genemuiden with LED lighting. Previously, in 2017, 60 percent of the conventional lighting in the production halls was replaced by LED. This time no less than 646 LED tubes, 39 LED panellights and 14 LED dishes were […]

Saled LED lighting for physiotherapy practice Ootmarsum

Mid-March Saled provided physiotherapy practice Ootmarsum with durable LED lighting. The installation of LED lamps will reduce the energy consumption and will therefore directly cut down energy costs. Besides this, the sulphur and CO2 emissions will be lower with the new lighting. The Saled installation team finished the entire transition within one day.

Municipality Tytsjerksteradiel installs 1915 Saled LED lamps

Near the end of 2017, a large part of municipality Tytsjerksteradiel was fitted with Saled LED streetlighting. Within a couple of months time no less than 1915 conventional lamps were replaced by LED alternatives. The municipality will save considerable amounts of energy and also reduces their CO2 emissions, contributing to a better environment.