Positive test results for Saled lamps in the municipality of Heerlen

In the municipality of Heerlen, several tests with public LED lighting from Saled were completed successfully. Installer Ziut will therefore start the installation process of more than 3000 LED lamps soon. The municipality will save on energy and maintenance costs by installing the LED lighting.

Within the municipality, various tests have been carried out on a number of different fixtures that are eligible for Retrofit. This is the process by which conventional fixtures are quickly and easily adapted to LED light sources by means of a small modification. Existing luminaires do not have to be depreciated in this way. This will lead to savings not only in energy costs, but also in replacement costs.

Test results
The test results showed that the energy consumption of the LED lamps is at least 50% lower. For example, a PL-L lamp used to consume 24W. This conventional lamp is equipped with a ballast, consuming an additional 3W. The Retrofit method safely removes the energy-consuming ballast before installing the energy-saving LED lamp. In the end, the total energy consumption was reduced from 27W to 13W.

Installation of 3053 LED lamps
The positive test results led the municipality to decide to replace no less than 1943 PL-L 36W lamps with PS-L 18W LED lamps. In addition, a number of 1110 PS-L 13W LEDs will be installed to replace the PL-L 24W.

Less downtime
LED lighting has a much longer life time than conventional lighting. In addition, LED lamps do not use a ballast that could fail. This reduces the number of times that the lighting needs to be replaced by a factor of three. In this way, the municipality of Heerlen will also save on maintenance costs.

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