More than 70% energy saving and substantial CO2 reduction for Pasta Casa

In mid-January, Pasta Casa – located in Santpoort-Noord – achieved a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions and energy savings. The reduction in CO2 emissions and savings in energy costs are the direct result of installing sustainable LED lighting from Saled.

Several new LED rail spots have been installed in the shop at the Hoofdstraat. In addition, the other rooms have been fitted with new fixtures and new light sources. LED lamps are many times more efficient than energy-consuming conventional lighting.

Energy savings of more than 70 per cent
According to measurements, the supplier of fresh Italian products and provider of cooking workshops had an energy consumption of 8700 kWh before installing energy-efficient LED lighting. By replacing the conventional lighting, Pasta Casa was able to reduce this consumption by 6240 kWh per year. This results in energy savings of more than 70%. Besides that, the new lighting will reduce the annual CO2 emissions of the company building by no less than 3530 kg.

Cosy shopping and inspiring cooking workshops
In the past, LED lighting was sometimes referred to as ‘cold’. It is now possible to produce LED lighting in different colour temperatures. This makes it possible to choose a warm, ‘cosy’ colour temperature. This is also the case with Pasta Casa where the shopping public can enjoy an attractive interior.

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