Saled replaces remaining conventional lighting at Rinos

Mid-February, Saled replaced the remaining conventional lamps in the production halls, storage areas and office spaces of Rinos Genemuiden with LED lighting. Previously, in 2017, 60 percent of the conventional lighting in the production halls was replaced by LED. This time no less than 646 LED tubes, 39 LED panellights and 14 LED dishes were installed within a week. This will result in a substantial reduction in CO2 emission and a substantial saving in energy costs.

In total, an annual CO2 reduction of 34,506 kg will be achieved through the installation of 699 LED lamps. The corresponding energy savings will amount to 60,966 kWh per year. According to the calculations, the investment has a payback period of 3 years and 2 months.

Office and warehouse lighting
LED Panelllights have been installed in the office spaces. Both the storage areas and the production halls are equipped with different types of LED Tubes and LED High Bays. The choice of lighting was fitted perfectly to the different ceiling heights in the various areas.

Previous collaboration
In 2017, Saled was already chosen to provide 60 percent of the lighting in the production halls with energy-efficient LED lighting. This cooperation was very much to the liking of both parties at the time. Jan Bouma, KAM-coordinator at Rinos Genemuiden, says: “Rinos is very satisfied with the working method and professionalism of Saled. The staff is very competent, thinks along with you and works hard and very quietly. The production process was not disrupted at any time.

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