Saled wins tender 9 VCO-schools in Harderwijk and Hierden

Saled is chosen to provide LED lighting to no less than 9 primary schools affiliated with the Harderwijk-Hierden Christian Education Foundation. Saled was able to convince the organisation – to which 11 primary schools, 270 teachers and some 2,800 pupils belong – by distinguishing itself in terms of price and quality.

All LED lighting from bidders for the tender had to meet a number of strict quality requirements. Each LED lamp has to be free of flickering with a UGR value below 19. The LED lighting must have an L-value of at least 90 and has to be fully certified.

Enhanced concentration
The foundation wants light that is free of flickering. Research has shown that flickering reduces concentration and, in some cases, can even be harmful to health. The UGR value indicates whether there is glare caused by the light. This number is under 19 in the case of Saled LED lighting, which means that the Dutch Standard (NEN-EN 12464-1) has been met. In this way, the foundation hopes to contribute to an optimal concentration of both teacher and student.

Long service life
The L-value indicates how much the light output will decrease over a certain period of time. This is often measured on the basis of the average service life of the LED lamps. In this specific case, there is an L value of L90 for 50,000 burning hours. This means that after 50,000 hours of operation (average service life), the LED light sources will retain at least 90% of their original light output.

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