More Saled LED lighting for Hyundai Wittenberg and Honda de Bois

Recently, Saled was again given the opportunity to equip Hyundai dealer Wittenberg and Honda de Bois with LED lighting. In August 2017, the official Hyundai dealer had their site in Amersfoort fitted with Saled LED lighting. This has led to a reduction in energy consumption, a reduction in CO2 emissions and a better light output. All these advantages have led to the installation of Saled LED lighting in the Utrecht branches as well.

In just 2 days 60 LED Tubes from 22W were installed. Hyundai Wittenberg and Honda de Bois indicate that they are very satisfied with the increased light output. In addition, the Honda and Hyundai dealers from Utrecht will benefit from a number of other advantages.

Saving energy costs
The 60 conventional light sources that were replaced had an individual power of 58W. They have been replaced by Saled LED Tubes with a power of 22W. As a result, Hyundai is able to achieve an estimated annual energy saving of 9360 kWh. Based on this data, the investment will be earned back within approximately 2 years.

Improving the environment
Sulphur and carbon dioxide have a negative impact on the state of the environment. The energy savings will reduce sulphur and CO2 emissions from the company’s premises on the Landzigt by 3978 gr. and 5298 kg per year respectively. Hyundai Wittenberg and Honda de Bois indicate that they are very content with this contribution to improving the environment.

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