New: LED horticulture fixture Horti Link

led horticulture

In collaboration with INDO Lighting, Saled has developed a new luminaire for horticulture with a 10-year warranty, 100,000 burning hours, and the option of a controllable spectrum. Our account manager Rik Egberts is happy to tell you more about it in this article. ”The Horti Link is a brand new LED fixture for the horticultural […]

39,739 kWh savings per year for car dealer Zeeuw & Zeeuw Utrecht thanks to LED

led car dealer

This year we were able to provide the 8th location of Zeeuw & Zeeuw with LED lighting. In the workshop and warehouse of the car dealer, we replaced the conventional lighting. The car dealer will therefore save a lot of money through this LED lighting. Zeeuw & Zeeuw is a dealer holding and considers sustainability […]