Two Bravilor Bonamat buildings fitted with energy-saving lighting

energy-saving lighting

All lighting in the Bravilor Bonamat buildings on Pascalstraat and Celsiusstraat in Heerhugowaard has been replaced by energy-saving LED lighting. A huge improvement for the production halls of the coffee machine manufacturer.

In August 2022, LED lighting from Saled was installed at Bravilor Bonamat for the first time. These were LED fixtures that were mounted in the existing light lines. Previously, not all conventional fixtures were the same, but then a better light distribution was created by hanging LED fixtures that all have the same lumen output.

energy-saving lighting

Energy-saving lighting in different rooms

Since the end of March and the beginning of April this year, there is no longer a room where the lighting has not been replaced by LED. From office spaces to production halls; energy-saving lighting from Saled hangs everywhere. Two buildings have been converted in two years.

Pascalstraat 20

The office of the main building on Pascalstraat was equipped with 140 LED panels, some of which had a different sizes. This resulted in a special request for this LED lamp. LED fixtures were placed in the existing light lines in two assembly halls. And a completely new lighting plan was drawn up for the metal workshop; eight new light lines (380 meters) and a total of 125 LED luminaires. In the metal workshop, the parts of the coffee machines are made by machines and robots.

energy-saving lighting

Celsiusstraat 25

The office building on Celsiusstraat was also fitted with LED panels and LED downlights. At this location, there were seven different halls where our technicians replaced a total of 265 luminaires one-on-one in the existing light lines. The old, conventional fluorescent fixtures have been removed and replaced by LED fixtures that are adjustable in four wattages, from 32 to 60 watts. The new luminaires also have an emergency unit and some are controlled by a Dali Driver. The great thing about this solution is that the existing light lines can be preserved, which results in significant cost savings.

Customer speaking

Esther Vooren, Manager of Maintenance & Facilities at Bravilor Bonamat in Heerhugowaard, is very satisfied with the work carried out. The cooperation and communication with the engineers also went well. The company is pleased with the result of the new lighting.

energy-saving lighting

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