More energy-efficient production halls through LED for Bravilor Bonamat Heerhugowaard

production hall lighting

The production halls of coffee machine manufacturer Bravilor Bonamat are now sustainably lit with LED fixtures from Saled. The company immediately benefits from better lighting during work in the halls.

The current lighting was replaced by new LED fixtures that were mounted in the existing light lines. This allows the light lines to be maintained. The new LED lighting provides a finer light experience. This means that the concentration of the employees will improve because of the bright light. Bravilor Bonamat is a family business that has existed for over 70 years. The coffee machines in the factory in Heerhugowaard are made of high-quality, sustainable materials. The coffee machines are reliable, have low energy consumption, and have a long service life.

The company is very satisfied with the new lighting and the installation by our specialized technicians. The LED fixture provides more and quieter light. Previously, not all conventional fixtures were the same, now there is a better light distribution because all LED fixtures have the same lumen output.

production hall lighting
The difference between LED and conventional lighting (left: Saled LED lighting, right: old, conventional lighting)
production hall lighting
Old lighting
production hall lighting
New lighting

Sustainable choice with new LED fixture

With our LED lighting, Bravilor Bonamat will consume considerably fewer kWh. This ensures an average energy saving of 50% on the energy bill. Switching to LED is a sustainable choice; CO² emissions will be reduced by at least 50%, and our lighting also has a long lifespan. Due to the savings on both energy and replacement costs, the investment is quickly earned back. With the new lighting, Bravilor Bonamat contributes to a better environment. The company can make it known to the customer that it conducts business in a socially responsible manner.

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