Municipality of Amsterdam extends LED retrofit contract with Saled

led retrofit

After a two-year contract, the municipality of Amsterdam is once again extending its LED retrofit contract with Saled. Soon we will continue the delivery of our LED lamps to the municipality.

The municipality of Amsterdam is very satisfied with the lamps from Saled. In 2021, the municipality ordered 12,000 LED solutions. The current luminaires at the time were in very good condition, so the retrofit method could be applied to the municipality. It was unnecessary to purchase new luminaires, so retrofitting saved the municipality enormously on purchase costs.

20,000 LED light sources

Meanwhile, 20,000 LED light sources have already been installed in the capital, including LED retrofit solutions. Retrofit means that we can replace the current fixtures 1 to 1 with LED lighting. Saled has several retrofit solutions, such as Tubes and PL replacements. Our LED retrofit lighting not only saves at least 50% energy costs but also has a long lifespan. Due to the savings on both energy and replacement costs, the investment was quickly earned back for the municipality of Amsterdam.

Switch to LED retrofit

There are plenty of reasons why it is a good idea for municipalities to switch to LED lighting now. One of these is the phasing out of the PL lamp. This has been a long time coming, but it’s happening now. The production of the conventional PL lamp will stop from February 24, 2023. To prevent delivery problems, contact us now for an inventory.

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