If LED lighting ensures 50% savings, are you switching today?

led lighting

Appropriate LED solutions for every industry: At Saled you are at the right place. Due to high-quality LED lighting, many organizations in public spaces, utility, and horticulture benefit from enormous savings. Do you want this too?

For many organizations, there is more hurry behind the switch to LED lighting. This is due to, for example, the energy label C obligation for offices and the phasing out of the conventional PL lamp, which in turn affects many municipalities in the Netherlands. Other companies choose LED because of the sustainable aspect. And let’s be honest: current energy prices really touch everyone and that is also the reason to take the step to new lighting.

Why switching to LED is good for your company

LED gives a professional look to your organization. Whether in your showroom to highlight products, at the sports club to advertise, or to relieve public spaces: better lighting ensures a better look.

A considerable saving is often reason number one for organizations to switch to LED lighting. This way you quickly save 50% on your energy bill annually. Because LED lighting lasts longer than conventional lighting, you also save on maintenance costs. LED also emits less CO² and sulfur and ensures lower energy consumption. Due to the high (energy) prices, your investment in new lighting is quickly recovered.

Why LED from Saled [50% Saving and more]

Are you not convinced yet? We briefly explain the benefits of our LED below.

  • Suitable LED lighting for every industry
  • A saving of 50%
  • Experienced account managers, driven engineers
  • Completely new luminaires with a light source
  • Or replace the light source if the fixture is still in good condition (= our retrofit method)
  • Tailor-made lamps and plate solutions (in particular for the public space)
  • More than 180 municipalities in the Netherlands as a reference for our LED street lighting

led lighting

Martijn Duijts, Public Spatial Planning Public Space Municipality:

“The evenness and spread of the Enlightenment is really bizarre. We are very happy with this personalized light source. It felt like a whole challenge for us to find the right LED lighting, but Saled helped us very well. In this way we have more than achieved our saving goal”

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