World Wide Fund for Nature more sustainable with LED office lighting from Saled

led office lighting

From retrofit lamps to new luminaires; In two phases, Saled was allowed to provide the office building of the WWF in Zeist with sustainable LED office lighting.

WWF-NL came to Saled with the request to make the office building on the Driebergseweg in Zeist more sustainable. This is an important element for an organization that is committed to the protection of nature. The WWF believes that people are not part of nature, but nature itself. Anyone who has a heart for mother nature can commit to the organization.

led office lighting

Saled was allowed to see if the retrofit method could be applied to the current lighting when the retrofit method could be used. This means that we adjust the existing fixtures so that they again meet the most modern techniques. The luminaires in the building were still in good condition; That way we were able to convert more than 200 lamps. Thanks to Retrofit, the organization already achieved 50% energy savings and an additional cost saving because no new luminaires had to be purchased.

New LED office lighting

The World Wildlife Fund was very satisfied with the result and the installation by our mechanic team. That is why we were allowed to start a second phase. We were invited to also supply and assemble new LED lamps. In most office spaces hung luminaires that gave light up and down. To meet the wishes of the customer, we have placed a special Linear Light. This is a tight fixture that shines 2-sided light. In total, our engineers have replaced nearly 300 luminaires in the second phase.

led office lighting
The old situation with conventional lighting
led office lighting
The Saled Mechanic Team at work in the office spaces
led office lighting
After removing the old, conventional lighting, the luminaires can be taken apart. They are then recycled via Wecycle. By using 13,000 delivery points, the company recovers raw materials and we also contribute to saving as much CO² as possible.
led office lighting
The new situation with LED lighting

Sustainable within an organization

With an average energy saving of 50% over the two phases, the World Wildlife Fund has a great saving on the energy bill. But the most important thing for the organization is making it more sustainable. Almost 30,000 kg less CO² is emitted by the switch to LED office lighting. The investment will be recovered within 5 years.

led office lighting
LED Linear Light

The new lighting ensures more than 40% energy saving

LED office lighting for your office building

You may have heard it: from 2023 offices are obliged to meet the requirements of energy label C. A switch to LED lighting helps with this. LED lighting is better for the environment and the atmosphere and quality are not inferior. Do you also want to make it more sustainable within your company, just like the World Wildlife Fund, but you don’t know where to start? Contact us, we are happy to help you with suitable advice for your office building. Saled has a suitable LED fixture for every room in an office building.

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