The conventional PL lamp: what to do when the production stops

pl lamp

The production of the conventional PL lamp will end by the 24th of February 2023. Do not worry, there is no need to purchase new fixtures immediately. Saled has an affordable LED lighting alternative. What does this production stop mean for you or your company? It simply means that the conventional PL lamp will no […]

Sustainable school Diamant College in Groningen fully equipped with LED

Sustainable school

During the summer holidays in Groningen, our team of mechanics worked hard. The entire school building of Diamant College was equipped with LED lighting and this transition has made it a sustainable school. These activities are in line with the major steps that RENN4, the organization for specialized education that includes the Diamant College, is […]

Featured: retrofit projects Nijkerk, Huizen, and Oss


Our retrofit solutions for public spaces are ideal for municipalities that are looking for a sustainable, affordable choice that also yields significant savings. Over the years we have been able to add many municipalities to our regular customers. In this article, we explain the municipality of Nijkerk, Huizen, and Oss. Every municipality is obliged to […]

Municipality of Weesp again opts for retrofit from Saled


The current PL-L and PL-C lamps of the municipality of Weesp were replaced by the retrofit solutions from Saled: PS-L and PS-C lamps. The municipality again opts for our quality. The last part of the retrofit plan was carried out, a total of 2300 Saled lamps have now been installed within the municipality. Approximately 800 […]

Brand new LED boarding for football club IJsselmeervogels

led boarding

Last week we worked hard on the hot football field. Football Club IJsselmeervogels (V.V.IJ.V.) was equipped with new LED boarding from Saled. On Thursday 11 August and Friday 12 August, our mechanics and volunteers from the football club came together to install the new LED boarding. The boarding is placed completely around the field, which […]

New LED shop lighting for Zandbergen Shoes De Bilt

led shop lighting

The cozy shoe store Zandbergen Shoes in De Bilt is equipped with LED shop lighting from Saled. The price per kilowatt hour is now so high that now is the time to switch to LED. This also applies to this choice for Zandbergen Shoes. Recently, energy prices have risen enormously. Currently, the costs per kWh […]

Nursing home Accolade Zorg location De Wijngaard cozy lit with LED

led nursing home

The corridor on the ground floor and first floor of Accolade Zorg location d’Amandelboom is now sustainably lit with LED panels from Saled. For the music room at De Wijngaard location, a request was submitted for a luminaire that provides a cozy atmosphere and with the option of changing the color temperature. At Saled we […]

KPOA chooses sustainable LED lighting from Saled for its schools

led lighting schools

Already 11 schools of the KPOA Foundation were equipped with sustainable LED lighting during the spring break. The last two schools will be converted outside school hours in the coming months. In this way, the schools of KPOA are completely ready for the new school season. The Stichting voor Katholiek Primair Onderwijs Amersfoort (KPOA) works […]

The Zwolle and Meppel branches of car dealer Pouw save money thanks to LED

led car company

Saled has already been able to convert two branches of car company Pouw to LED lighting. These locations will save up to 66% on energy bills. T8 Tubes from Saled were installed in the Pouw Zwolle building. These LED solutions are very economical, which means that the company’s investment is paid back in 2.5 years. […]

Energy label C mandatory for offices

energy label c

From 2023, office buildings will be required to meet the requirements of energy label C. A switch to LED lighting will help with this. LED lighting is better for the environment and the atmosphere and quality are not inferior to it. Take steps towards savings within your company. In this article, you can read the […]