The municipality of Zuidplas has switched to revolutionary INDO AIR1 luminaires from Saled

The municipality of Zuidplas has installed the new, sustainable and revolutionary INDO AIR1 models through Saled B.V.. The Groenezoompad and the Tinbergenpad are the first places in the Netherlands to be illuminated with the AIR1 LED luminaires, featuring revolutionary Direct Drive® technology by INDO. This is the first phase of the plan to provide all […]

Municipality of Landerd installs 700 sustainable LED lamps

Saled B.V. installed nearly 700 Retrofit LED lamps at the Municipality of Landerd. By installing this LED lighting via the Retrofit method, the existing luminaires can be retained and still be preserved. In addition, the municipality is making substantial savings on energy bills and there will be a significant decrease in waste emissions. Decreases in […]

New and revolutionary LED fixtures thanks to partnership with INDO

Southampton, 2019. Saled has formed an exclusive partnership with INDO Lighting Ltd. The company, which is based in the United Kingdom, is a renowned and experienced manufacturer of public lighting and retrofit light sources. Saled has been a prominent face in the world of public lighting for years. Due to this new collaboration, the revolutionary […]

Saled officially opens its new headquarters

Friday the 6th of September was the day we at Saled had all been waiting for: we officially opened our brand new, hypermodern and zero-energy headquarters on het Steenland in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, located on the Haarbrug-Zuid business park. Alongside friends, family, customers and business acquaintances, we had a grand opening and festivities that lasted all day […]

Municipality Wageningen saves on energy costs through LED lighting from Saled

The district Wageningen-Hoog will enter the dark winter period with sustainable energy supplied by Saled. Recently, the relatively new armatures in the district underwent a LED retrofit. Consequently, the municipality is significantly more sustainable. Energy consumption on a yearly basis will be reduced by roughly 27.607 kWh.

Dynniq and Saled renew public lighting of Municipality Noordoostpolder

The public lighting of Municipality Noordoostpolder has recently been partially replaced by LED lighting. In total more than 850 PL-L lights were renewed with LED PS-L lights from Saled. With the installation of LED Retrofit-lighting an energy reduction of about 30 percent will be achieved which will not only benefit the environment but also the […]

Easier than ever before to become sustainable thanks to Saled’s renewed PS-L bulb

On the 26th & 27th of September 2018, Saled will present the renewed PS-L bulb, during the Trade Fair of Public Spaces in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht (The Netherlands). The PS-L lamp is a LED substitute for the conventional PL-L light bulb. By making a few small adjustments the PS-L lamp can be placed in an […]