One step closer to the fresh school label: CNS Nunspeet illuminated with LED

fresh school label

Fresh schools are healthy schools with an energy-efficient indoor climate. By switching to LED lighting, you as a school community contribute to this sustainability. This also applies to CNS Nunspeet De Bron and Dependance De Bron.

Fresh schools are school buildings with low energy consumption and a healthy indoor environment. In a fresh school, attention is paid to themes such as energy, light and sound, air quality, and temperature. Three levels of ambition have been set:

Class C = sufficient
Class B = good
Class A = excellent
*Meet the requirements to become a fresh school

The energy consumption of many schools is quite high. LED lighting is a means of reducing energy consumption, but also contributes to improving the indoor environment. This means that you can quickly meet the requirements for a fresh school.

fresh school label

LED school lighting

Saled has a wide range of LED lamps, the majority of which are very suitable for fresh school. For example, in CNS Nunspeet building De Bron and Dependance De Bron, LED panels and LED T5/T6 and T8 Tubes were placed in the classrooms and open spaces. And IP65 compact fixtures in the bicycle shed.

The LED lighting provides 67% energy savings, a saving of 14949 kWh. 8461 kg less CO² and 6553 gr less sulfur are also emitted. The investment in the lighting pays for itself within three years.

fresh school label
fresh school label

These fresh schools preceded you

In collaboration with De Onderwijs Inkoop Groep (OIG), Saled has developed ‘Quality Light As A Service’ (QLAAS). With this concept, we strive to make schools in the Netherlands more sustainable. At Saled we have already been able to provide many different schools with sustainable and energy-efficient LED lighting. CNS Nunspeet could easily switch to LED via OIG.

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fresh school label

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