Wuppermann Steel switches to Saled LED lighting

Over the last two weeks, Saled provided the metal factory of Wuppermann Steel in Moerdijk entirely of durable LED lighting. A total of nearly 200 lamps have been replaced by new LED light sources. The current fixtures are reused in this process, whereby the total investment is expected to be fully recouped within 3 years.

To be precise: 187 lamps have been replaced by LED light sources. The existing T5 fluorescent tubes were replaced by T6 LED tubes. This brand new light sources together reduce the energy use by more than 50%. Besides this enormous savings, the light output in the metal factory has improved from 280 to 300 lux. The total investment is expected to be fully recouped within 3 years.

Contribution to the environment
In all, Wuppermann Steel annually reduces the energy use with 40.334 kWh. A substantial saving which yields the company thousands of euros a year. However, the conversion is for Wuppermann not only attractive from a financial point of view. The company – which processes more than 500.000 tons of steel each year – reduces the CO2 emissions by 22.830 kg per year. A valuable contribution to our environment!

A very satisfied customer
At this moment – a few days after the conversion – there are no remaining doubts about the question if Wuppermann is satisfied with the conversion to LED lighting. Within a few days Saled received the message that the reactions are very positive. In the meantime, the company has already placed a subsequent order!

Saled thanks Wuppermann Steel for their trust and is looking forward to the further cooperation.

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