Beverage wholesaler Van Wees still satisfied about Saled LED lighting

In December 2012, all existing lighting of beverage wholesaler Van Wees Holland have been replaced by durable and energy efficient LED lighting. A total of 338 LED lamps were mounted at the time. In four years’ time only 1 of those lamp has failed. Reason for owner Maurice van Wees to compliment Saled.  

On Wednesday, 23 November, Saled received a call that one of the lamps in the huge building in Amersfoort had gone defect. Not even a day later, the lamp was replaced by a new one. Maurice van Wees: “After four years our first LED lamp has broken. We reported this on 23 November and a day later the lamp had already been replaced. I can state that I am very satisfied about the quick service of Saled.”

LED tubes, recessed spotlights and ceiling lights
338 lamps were placed at the time. A project which is remembered with great pleasure by Saled. The existing TL-tubes were replaced by LED tubes of 18, 22 and 25 watt. In addition, recessed spotlights and ceiling lights were placed by Saled. Together this light sources realize energy savings of more than 50%. While Van Wees previously consumed 31.390 kWh per year, he has gone back to 20.075 kWh per year due to the conversion to LED. Moreover, Van Wees is responsible for a CO2-reduction of 23.710 kg per year and a sulfur reduction of 17.811 gr per year.

Strongly improved light output and quickly recouped
Maurice van Wees furthermore tells to be very satisfied about the light output in the hall and the paybacktime of the investment. “Previously there was a light output of 210 lux in the hall, with the new LED lighting this is 315 lux. The investment, which we did in 2012, was fully recouped within 2,5 years. Therefore we are of course very satisfied with the LED lighting of Saled!”

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