Durable collaboration between car company Broekhuis and Saled

Saled LED lighting and car company Broekhuis – both located in Spakenburg – joined forces for a durable collaboration. The showroom and outside of the Blokhuis building at the Haarbrug are entirely durable LED illuminated by Saled. Car company Broekhuis delivered on her turn two brand new durable KIA Niro’s to Saled.

Both Stef de Graaf – Sales director at Saled – and Roelof Blokhuis are highly satisfied with the durable collaboration. Since the end of November, Blokhuis has a beautiful illuminated showroom and saves more than 70% on energy costs. Due to the collaboration, Saled has two durable, economical, hybrid KIA Niro’s. This brand new cars are not only environmentally friendly, but also very classy. Stef de Graaf: “Our new representatives will go on the road with a mobile visiting card.”

Corporate social responsibility
Both Blokhuis and Saled give high priority to corporate social responsibility. The key elements in this matter are energy savings and durability. De Graaf: “The Niro’s from Kia Blokhuis Amersfoort fit perfectly in this picture.  They are environmentally friendly, hybrid and very durable. Furthermore they drive very energy efficient. This are points which exactly match with the vision of Saled Nederland.” De Graaf continues: “We want our representatives to drive in energy efficient and save cars. Besides this, the cars have to be representative and durable. The new Kia Niro fits completely to this pattern.”

Kia Niro: Hybrid Crossover
Kia has a premiere with the Niro: it is the first hybrid crossover. The Kia Niro is a car which – trough the driving experience and appearance – is more reminding to a sporty hatchback than to an hybrid. It combines strong performances with a discreet ‘un-hybrid’ design, economy and space. An ideal car for the new representatives of Saled.

Durable LED lighting
Specialist Roelof Blokhuis wanted to make his buildings energy efficient and durable. Soon he came to Saled for replacing the conventional lighting through LED lighting. A total of 122 LED tubes have been placed in the beautiful showroom. At the outside of the building are energy-guzzling ground spots with CDM-T lighting replaced by energy efficient LED lighting. When driving along the Oostelijke Randweg in the evening, the building immediately catches the eye. Blokhuis: “A nice bonus is that the investment in LED lighting will be recouped within 2 years.” To be precise: this will be within 22 months due to savings on both energy- as replacement costs. Besides this, the LED lighting is also fully recyclable.

Enormous savings and strongly improved light output
Car company Blokhuis will annually save 23.981 kWh on their energy bills. Moreover, the environment will be saved with no less than 13.573 kWh CO2 emission and 10.192 gr sulfur emission each year. Also these figures fit perfectly within the key elements which have the high priority of Blokhuis and Saled. Because of the 5 years manufacturer’s warranty on products of Saled, Blokhuis does not have worry about replacement costs the coming 5 years.

In the meantime is the location in Bunschoten-Spakenburg entirely provided of durable LED lighting. The location of Kia Blokhuis Amersfoort will soon be fully LED illuminated.


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