Wine store Drinkland in Noordwijk fitted with LED lighting

At the beginning of March, the entire branch of liquor and wine store Drinkland in Noordwijk has been fitted with durable LED lighting. The new LED lighting is not only very energy efficient but also shows off the beverages very well. The project was carried out by Saled in cooperation with DimLight.

A total of 69 new LED lamps have been placed, collectively representing an energy saving of more than 50% compared to the conventional lighting. As a result, Drinkland will annually save around €2.000 on the energy bill. The total investment will therefore be fully recouped within only 20 months. A nice durable investment for the renowned wine store in the heart of Noordwijk.

Corporate social responsibility
With the conversion to LED lighting, Drinkland is giving a good example of corporate social responsibility. The company is not only saving on energy costs, but also on the emission of CO2 and sulphur, which are reduced by the same percentage as the energy consumption. The environment is thus spared considerably. A nice step forward towards a better environment for Drinkland!

Second branch
The replacement of the 69 conventional lamps was carried out in cooperation with LED lighting company DimLight, located in Baarn. The wine store has since the conversion 38 LED PS-C 13W and 31 LED Downlighters 15W. Drinkland chose for all lamps a colour temperature of 3000K (warm white) so that the building and beverages are optimally illuminated. The project in Noordwijk was finished in the first week of March. The lighting was to the great satisfaction, making Drinkland immediately decide to also provide a second branch of durable LED lighting.

Saled and DimLight thank Drinkland for the trust and look forward to the further collaboration.

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