Saled places durable field lighting at tennis club P.L.T.C. de Vale Ouwe

In the last few days Saled has provided the courts of tennis club P.L.T.C. de Vale Ouwe in Putten of durable LED lighting. As a result, the tennis club will save over 65% on energy costs. During the last light measurements on the evening of Tuesday 17 March the reactions of members were very positive.

Tennis club de Vale Ouwe has eight outdoor courts which are beautifully landscaped around the clubhouse. The courts are illuminated by 16 light masts. The old lamps in this masts were clearly in need of replacement. With a view to durability de Vale Ouwe decided to invest in durable and energy efficient LED lighting: a wise choise.

Durable and financially attractive
P.L.T.C. de Vale Ouwe previously had 32 old fixtures with 2500 watt Osram HQI-T lamps (including ballast). These are replaced by brand new 800 watt LED Field Lights of Saled, representing an energy saving of more than 65%. Together this 32 LED fixtures realize an energy saving of 39.603 kWh each year. The solution of Saled is therefore financially very attractive. Based on an average of 14 burning hours per week, the total investment is expected to be fully recouped within 6,7 years. In addition, de Vale Ouwe contributes to a better environment because the total emissions of CO2 and sulfur are reduced by respectively 30.914 kg and 23.212 gr.

Excellent light output
Despite the low energy use, the Field Lights have an excellent light output. Compared to the old lamps, the light output has increased with over 100 lux. And that is noticeable on the fields of the tennis club: the reactions of the members were very enthusiastic at the night after the installation. “The court is perfectly illuminated and the balls are better visible. When tossing the ball to serve, we are not blinded by looking directly into the lamps”, according to a member of the club.

Indoor tennis courts
Besides eight outdoor courts, tennis club de Vale Ouwe also has an hall with three indoor courts. After the winter season is finished, the lighting in this hall will also be replaced by durable LED lighting of Saled. A total of 36 lamps with a consumption of 400 watt will be replaced by 150 watt LED Field Lights. Because the lighting in the tennis hall burns an average of 33 hours per week, the investment will be fully recouped within 2,5 years. In recognition for the trust and choice for durability Saled has directly decided to sign a sponsor contract for 5 years and thereby lay the foundation for a long-term relationship.

Sales wishes P.L.T.C. de Vale Ouwe much tennis pleasure with the new LED lighting and is looking forward to the further collaboration!

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