First branch of Leemans Shoes successfully converted to LED

In February, Saled fitted the new branch of Leemans Shoes in Hoofddorp with durable LED lighting. The building in the indoor shopping centre Vier Meren is now beautifully illuminated by the unobtrusive LED rail spots, so that full attention is drawn to the displayed shoes.

The interior of the store in Hoofddorp has an extremely modern design. Of course this should also include modern LED lighting. Therefore Leemans came in contact with Saled, that previously provided high quality LED products to Broekhuizen Shoes, a good contact of Leemans.

Good color rendering
The right incidence of light in a shoe store is very important, so knows Leemans. Customers can be ‘lost or gained’ by the selected light. For this reason, Leemans accurately analyzed in consultation with Saled which lighting was most suited. Finally was chosen for LED rail spots with a colour temperature of 3000K. This lighting ensures a good color rendering, so that the shoes enjoy an optimal presentation. In this way, customers can assess the shoes well on model and color.

LED Rail spots
A total of seventy LED rail spots are mounted in the building, ranging from 20 to 40 watt. Thanks to the turn and tilt of these fixtures, the lighting is easy adjustable to the dynamic design of the shoe store and specific products can be highlighted. Discoloration of the products is a thing of the past due to the LED light sources. LED has namely no UV radiation and infrared radiation.

Numerous advantages
Besides above mentioned advantages, LED lighting has numerous other benefits. The biggest advantage of LED lighting is that it is very energy efficient. LED lights use much less power than traditional bulbs or halogen lamps. Therefore Leemans will substantially save on energy costs. On top of the energy savings of more than 50%, also the maintenance costs are considerably lower. Moreover, LED lamps produce significantly less heat, which provides a pleasant shopping environment.

Saled is proud to execute this great project and looks forward to further cooperation.

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