Metronomis Cambridge LED plate solution for the municipality of Rotterdam

led plate solution

Rotterdam wanted to make its municipality more sustainable. Switching to LED plate solutions helps with this. Rotterdam is now one of more than 180 municipalities in the Netherlands that illuminates its neighborhoods with Saled LED.

We have previously developed plate solutions for more than 120 existing luminaires. By switching to these LED plate solutions, a municipality contributes to a circular economy. The installation of the LED plates is quickly arranged and they do not require any maintenance. In addition to significant energy savings, this also results in a reduction of CO² and sulfur.

LED plate Metronomis Cambridge

The Municipality of Rotterdam asked Saled if they have a LED solution for the Metronomis Cambridge in their LED range. Or that it was possible to develop and deliver it. A plate solution is tailor-made for each luminaire type. Then we look at thermal management. The plate solution is also adapted in such a way that it is quick and easy to install for the contractor. There was no Saled LED panel solution for the Metronomis yet, so it was developed in collaboration with the municipality. Then followed a successful test. The Municipality of Rotterdam was very pleased and an order for two hundred custom-made LED plate solutions was placed.

An additional advantage is the fact that we can make these special plate solutions smart by applying Luminext. This means that the fixture can be controlled remotely and makes it possible to dim the LED lamp. In this way, the plate solutions are equipped with a smart LED. If the municipality dims the Metronomis Cambridge LED by 50%, energy consumption will be reduced by half.

Rotterdam becomes more sustainable

Not only the inhabitants but also the municipality itself is busy making the city more sustainable. For example, they provide useful tips that can be applied in daily life to save energy. Of course, this also includes energy-efficient LED lamps. The municipality’s switch to LED solutions for Metronomis Cambridge is a good step towards sustainability. LED lighting for public spaces ensures energy savings of at least 50%.

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