A new project with almost 4 million kWh savings: LED line lighting for voestalpine Automotive Components Bunschoten

LED line lighting

In April we proudly started a new project. The lighting in the halls of voestalpine Automotive Components Bunschoten B.V. will be converted to LED line lighting in 2023 and 2024. Look at the photos and read about the signed assignment.

The management of voestalpine Bunschoten and the management of Saled met in the hall, which was the first to be fitted with LED lighting. Voestalpine employees were invited to attend this official moment and Saled’s technicians were also present on this job. The lights in the hall were turned off and a speech was given about Voestalpine’s sustainability plans, called ‘CO2NTDOWN to ZERO’. By converting the lighting in all halls to LED, the company is moving towards the mission of 0% CO2 emissions that they want to achieve in 2035. Then the lighting was turned on again, to share the result with everyone. There was a delicious piece of Spakenburg’s heart to close the festive moment.

Michael Stadler (CSO voestalpine Bunschoten), Stef de Graaf (Sales Director Saled) and James Hoo (CFO voestalpine Bunschoten) sign the contract.

Almost 4 million kWh savings through LED line lighting

The voestalpine location in Bunschoten is busy making it more sustainable. For example, they minimize the CO2 footprint of their products and they think about saving energy. Saled’s LED line lighting will be installed in three phases over the years 2023 and 2024. In total, compared to conventional lighting, this will save more than € 876,000.00 on the energy bill, almost 4 million kWh and 2 million CO2 savings per year. That’s not all: LED lighting pays for itself in 2.6 years. Great figures that contribute to an important sustainability goal!

LED line lighting

Smart line lighting

Saled’s LED linear lighting fixtures have a DALI Driver, which makes it possible to make the lighting ‘smart’. DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, an innovative system that offers full control over the lighting system. For example, it is possible to group luminaires and set different options for each room. DALI provides significant savings on energy and maintenance costs. For voestalpine Bunschoten, we set the company’s working hours via a Helvar operating system. You can also set the percentage of the lighting and when it should be dimmed back.

Thanks to smart lighting, the investment is expected to pay for itself even faster than 2.6 years.

LED line lighting
LED line lighting

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