The municipality of Zuidplas makes annual replacement plans and makes it more sustainable again with LED luminaires

led luminaires

This time the current conventional lighting was replaced by LED plate solutions and INDO LED fixtures. Prior to this project, a light calculation was made for a few profiles for the municipality.

The municipality of Zuidplas has annual replacement plans ready. Taking energy-saving measures is very important for the municipality, including switching to LED within certain areas of Zuidplas. In order to serve the municipality of Zuidplas well, Saled made a light calculation for profiles. A profile indicates how wide the road is, how much distance there is between the light poles, and what the road looks like. Most municipalities consider it important to receive this in combination with a Dialux calculation.

LED plate solutions and luminaires with extra savings

This replacement round, LED plate solutions were placed in the current ARC80 luminaires, because they were still in good condition. These plates were provided with the dimming regime 3A, which looks like this:

LED luminaires
Dimming regime 3A, with 28% extra energy savings

Dimming regime 3A ensures that even more energy-saving measures are taken, namely 28% extra energy savings. A large number of INDO Air 1 and Air 2 luminaires were also ordered. This brings the total to more than 200 new light sources for this replacement round.

The INDO Air 1 and Air 2 are revolutionary LED fixtures that have a long lifespan and less wear and tear because the fixture no longer has a driver, but Direct Drive Technology. This luminaire can be dimmed down to 10% and can therefore be used in residential areas.

Are you ready to take a sustainable step?

Currently, energy prices have risen sharply, also for municipalities. Save on these costs by switching to sustainable LED lighting. The municipality of Amsterdam, Papendrecht, Waalwijk, and 180 other municipalities have already preceded you. Contact the Saled team for the public space.

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