New: LED Horticulture Verti Link


Together with INDO Lighting, Saled is once again launching a new horticultural luminaire on the market. The Verti Link is excellent for vertical farming, which uses stacked cultivation layers. We also offer a 5-year warranty for this fixture.

Just like the Horti Link, the new luminaire is based on the knowledge gained with the INDO Element system. This is the first luminaire for horticulture that Saled brought onto the market in 2020. Three years and three luminaires later, we have created a beautiful complete collection for horticulture: Element+, Horti Link, and now the Verti Link.

INDO Verti Link

The Verti Link offers a unique combination of features and functionalities. The luminaire was built by a team of engineers who carefully considered every aspect of the design to produce a system that is flexible, reliable, and efficient. INDO’s in-house electronics development team ensures that the entire product works in harmony, without restrictions imposed by external drivers.

Want to know more about our LED grow lights?

LED lighting provides a longer lifespan and lower energy consumption compared to conventional lighting. This is the main reason why many companies are switching to LED. This is slightly different for the (greenhouse) horticulture sector. For example, it is very important to maintain the correct temperature. This has to do with the type of crop, but the type of lighting also influences this. LED lighting gets much less hot than traditional lighting. The crop can also be illuminated more specifically with LED. The right spectrum for the crop ensures even better results. In addition, crops under higher temperatures require more water and nutrients. All in all, LED grow lights, our LED solution for horticulture, ensure less waste and cost savings.


For more information about LED lighting for horticulture, please contact our agricultural sector account manager Rik Egberts [ // 06 51 75 53 35 ]

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