Infracampus – Stichting IKN earns back investment in LED in 9 months thanks to LED Tubes

led tubes

The two halls with fixed stands of Infracampus – Stichting IKN are now illuminated with LED Tubes from Saled. A sustainable choice, because the T8 Tubes ensure that the investment in LED lighting is earned back in 9 months.

In the first hall in the InfraCampus Harderwijk, there are all stands of companies that have joined Stichting IKN. This is a meeting place for organizations within the infrastructure sector. The Saled stand is also here, so we share our knowledge about lighting in public spaces and the sustainability of LED.

Work is still going on in the second hall, which will be expanded into an extra stand hall. The new LED Tubes have already been installed by the Saled technicians.

led tubes
led tubes

Savings through LED Tubes

As mentioned before, the Saled LED Tubes are a sustainable choice. Motion sensors have also been installed so that the lights are only switched on when people are in the hall. For example, Infracampus – Stichting IKN saves 61% energy, which is equivalent to saving 41234 kWh. There is also 23338 kg less CO² and 17524 g sulfur emitted. The investment in LED pays for itself in 9 months, which is a very nice, short period. The average payback time of LED is usually 2 years.

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