The municipality of Ede is on time and replaces conventional PL lamps for retrofit


Imagine a municipality that would like to switch to LED lighting. An LED supplier recommends retrofit lamps, whereby the current fixture is retained, and converted, and this results in more than 50% energy savings. It happened to the municipality of Ede.

The municipality of Ede submitted a request to contractor Citytec to draw up a plan for the switch to LED lighting. Citytec then forwarded this to Saled with the question of whether the right LED solutions are available for this. Saled made a proposal with the recommendation for retrofit lamps, with a presentation that the municipality could go through at leisure. See below for an overview of the conventional and the new lamps with a difference in watts.

Conventional LampWattageSaled solutionWattage

Savings through retrofit

By retaining the luminaire, the municipality saves on the purchase costs of new luminaires. With the Saled retrofit method, the current fixture is converted so that it is suitable for an LED lamp. The more than 2,000 LED retrofit lamps for the municipality of Ede provide more than 50% energy savings and 50% less CO2 emissions. With our retrofit solutions, we switch off the ballast. A VSA is often already more expensive than our relevant LED lamp. By switching off the VSA, the municipality of Ede also saves on maintenance costs. A VSA is often already more expensive than our relevant LED lamp. The payback period of investment in LED is currently usually within two years, which is very fast due to the current rising prices. For all these reasons, many municipalities are now switching to Saled retrofit solutions.

Phasing out PL-L lamps

Production of the conventional PL lamp ended on February 24, 2023. Fortunately, there is an alternative available, namely retrofit. To prevent delivery problems, contact us now for an inventory.

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