1.7-year payback period LED lighting for Emerson Rijswijk

payback period led lighting

The beautiful office building with nice, open spaces of Emerson Automation Solutions Rijswijk is now sustainably lit with LED. Nearly 900 lamps were replaced, an investment that was recovered within 1.7 years.

Especially LED Downlights and retrofit T6 Tubes were installed by the Saled electricians in the Emerson office building in Rijswijk. Nearly 900 LED lamps now illuminate the ground floor and five floors, including office spaces, meeting rooms, canteen and other dining and lounge areas.

payback period led lighting
payback period led lighting
payback period led lighting

65% energy savings

LED reduces CO² and sulfur emissions, for the office building of Emerson Rijswijk this is 62806 kg CO² and 47160 gr sulfur.

Also very important: an annual saving of 110965 kWh. This equates to a 65% energy bill savings for Emerson. The investment in the new lighting pays for itself in 1.7 years!

LED lighting with dimming function

Payback period LED lighting

Payback period is simply put: how long it takes for you to recoup the investment in a particular product. The investment consists of the costs of purchase and installation. This is then compared to the savings generated by the product. Another term we often use when talking about the payback period is Return On Investment, or ROI for short. But which type of lighting is the best choice in terms of payback time? You can read that here.

Consciously choose sustainability

One of the advantages of LED lighting is the sustainable aspect. As a company, it is very nice to be able to communicate to the outside world that you are working sustainably. For Emerson Automation Solutions, this means setting a good example for employees and customers. Good lighting in office spaces ensures a better appearance and better concentration.

Switch to Saled office lighting

Good lighting is very important in the office. When you receive clients, a brightly lit space makes a good first impression. But certainly also for your own staff, the right office lighting makes a world of difference. Because the Saled LED solutions are flicker-free, your employees get tired less quickly and they stay focused better. Curious about how this works and why our LED office lighting increases the productivity of your employees? Contact us without obligation for the possibilities.

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