Saled fits workshop and showroom Nefkens Peugeot Nieuwegein with LED

Mid-October, Saled replaced a large number of conventional lamps at the Nefkens Peugeot car dealership in Nieuwegein. Due to the switch to LED lighting, the company reduces it’s energy consumption by over 70%. A great sustainable investment.

A total of over 100 light sources have been installed in the building located at Limburghaven 1 in Nieuwegein. Without unnecessarily replacing the old fixtures, 75 new 4000K LED tubes were installed in the workshop and warehouse to replace the conventional 58 watt fluorescent tubes. In the showroom all existing 35 watt halogen recessed spotlights have been converted to dimmable 3 watt LED recessed spotlights with a warmer colour temperature of 3000K.

Energy savings
The investment is expected to be earned back within two years for Nefkens Peugeot. The new lamps are good for energy savings of more than 70%. In total, the company will save 15.369 kWh per year. In addition, the emission of CO2 will be considerably reduced by 8.699 kg. A great sustainable investment for Nefkens Peugeot!

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