Dutch Salvation Army location Leeuwarden switched to LED

On november 23, Saled replaced all the conventional lighting at Salvation Army Leeuwarden by durable LED lighting. This will result in great savings on both energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Previously, Saled converted the lighting at other locations of the Salvation Army. Due to the positive experience, the Salvation Army decided to invest in new lighting for the Leeuwarden location. The conventional lighting consisted mainly of fluorescent tubes, downlighters and halogen spot lamps. These were all replaced with LED tubes, LED downlighters and LED spot lights.

Energy savings
The Salvation Army will save an impressive 8211 kWh per year. Due to these savings the investment will be earned back within 3.3 years. A positive contribution to the environment is made by reducing the CO2 emission  by 4647 kg per year

Salvation Army youth protection and juvenile rehabilitation
The Leeuwarden location of the Dutch Salvation Army offers help to youths with problems, aged 12 to 18. The goal is to prevent them from going down the road of crime.

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