AimValley very satisfied with LED lighting

At the end of October, Saled replaced the conventional lighting of AimValley, based in Hilversum. Thanks to the investment in the durable office lighting, the technology company will save around 69% on energy consumption.

The office building, located at the Utrechtseweg 38 in Hilversum, has been fitted with durable lighting at the end of October. The choice for LED not only benefits AimValley, but also the environment. Compared to the conventional lighting, the annual energy consumption is reduced by more than 28.000 kWh. The emissions of CO2 and sulphur are greatly reduced, by 16.000 kg and 12.000 gr per year respectively. A good example of corporate social responsibility.

LED solutions
Besides 137 new 25W led-tubes, new led-downlighters, led-panel lights and led-PS-S lamps were placed. Despite the considerable energy reduction realized by these lamps, the light output has strongly improved. In fact, because LED light is free of vibrations, this will significantly improve the concentration and productivity of the employees. “AimValley is very satisfied with the result”, says financial director Steven van Diermen.

About AimValley
The Hilversum-based company AimValley offers a broad range of R&D services focused on telecommunications- and data communication products. AimValley offers services concerning product definition and -architecture, software design, hardware design, chip design and system testing.

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